How to Lower the Prices of Your Auto Insurance

Aside from your home, your automobile is one of the most expensive items you might own under your name. This means it’s highly important to make sure both your home and your car are insured and protected in case of any damages and injury. Making sure you have the right insurance coverage is key, but can also cost you more out of pocket if not aware of the many discounts offered on premium rates.

There are several factors that come to mind when you are looking for auto insurance coverage’s that affect price. Those factors include the make, model, and year of the vehicle, how far you drive, how much you drive, age, sec, material status along with credit history and driving record.

However, there are several elements that might affect your auto insurance quote. These include both deductibles and discounts. Many deductibles are chosen based off of Collision and Comprehensive coverages. The higher the deductible, the less costly your auto insurance bill is going to be. Some areas affecting your deductible may depend on a multi-policy, the ability to insure both your auto and home under one carrier. Doing so will also allow you to receive a discount the auto insurance homeowners insurance premium. Another factor is multi-car, meaning that you are responsible for insuring two or more vehicles under the same carrier while they are owned and driven by the insurer and/or family members.

There are also many driver related discounts that one can get for having a clean driving record, free of accidents and violations that can help minimize premiums. These include driving training, being college student, being 55+, and taking an accident prevention course.

To elaborate further, driver training would be issues for a young driver under the age of 21. They would need to complete an accredited course to receive a premium discount. Many students who are in the honor society and/or a college student also have the ability to lower their premium rates. Young, full-time students who are not married can lower their rates as well. For those who are a bit older, around 55, can receive a discount on bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, medical payments, protection, comprehensive and collision premiums. There is also an accident prevention course that many citizens in a few states can take advantage of. If the main driver is 55 and older, they can receive yet another discount if the course is completed.

There are ways to save even more dollars that are allocated towards your auto insurance coverage with the safety equipment that may contain passive restraints to your car if equipped with factory-installed automatic seat belts or air bags. If having anti-theft devices, you could receive a discount on Comprehensive coverage towards your premium. You can also receive a discount if your vehicle has active or passive anti-theft devices and installed anti-lock brakes on all four tires.