Want to Get Rich and Get Higher Interest? Go For Offshore Banking!

Has the instability of local banks given you the fear that your assets may be frozen, seized or disappear? I used to have that fear. I spent a few years in Asia and soon I became so worried about my money and my assets because of the really unstable political conditions. Not that I had anything against the country I stayed in, but of course, it’s much better if I had the advantage of a stable bank where all my assets and investments could stay safe and even grow. And this was about the time when I went into offshore banking.

And boy did I make the right decision! By transferring most of my deposits to an offshore bank, I found that I was getting more and more interest for my money than I would normally get. After looking at the terms again and doing some research, I discovered that offshore banking offered the advantage of a much better interest rate than local banks could offer. This was because of lower overheads and government intervention, the two factors that usually don’t leave a lot for you to get. Plus I got that offshore banks usually pays interest without tax deductions. And for someone who doesn’t pay tax on worldwide income, this is definitely an advantage!

Apart from the advantage of having no reductions on interests rates, offshore banking offered many more advantages that in the long ruin will definitely help to make me rich and my businesses prosper! One advantage is that for security purposes you are allowed to have anonymous bank accounts and higher or lower rate loans based on risk and investment opportunities. Definitely a plus if you don’t want to lose all that money!

As you see there are a lot advantages to be had by going for the services of offshore banks. Although there are a few disadvantages, the path to prosperity and supreme security is definitely to be found by going offshore.